Taxes for Truckers

Truckers are the backbone of America's economy. Without you America's commerce would come to a complete shut down. 1 out of 9 truck drivers are independent contractors and therefore have a different tax situation then truck drivers that are employees. We know that since you drive between 200 and 600 miles a day, tax and business issues fall to the roadside.

Astron is here to help with that burden.



Services Astron Can Provide for All Types of Truckers


All tax filings: 1065, Sch C, 1040, Heavy Road Tax, IFTA, Employee taxes, Unemployment taxes, etc.

All Business Filings: New Business Startups, Partnerships, Corporations, S-Corporations, etc.

All DOT filings: MCS-150, MCS-150B, MCS-150C, OP-1, OP-1(FF), BOC-3, etc.

All Tax Issues: Tax Levies, Back taxes, IRS payment plans, IRS Audits, etc.

Drug & Alcohol program and training (arrange 3rd party services)

New Entrant Audit Organizer


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Tax Tips:

  • For tax deductibility purposes, it is very important for you as a truck driver to maintain accurate and detailed records of incurred expenses.
  •  If you are an independent owner, the IRS considers you the employer.
  • The IRS does not allow you to use the standard mileage rate in lieu of actual expenses of operating the truck.